Reflections on 2013

This was truly a fascinating year!  Venturing on the road in and out of Virginia at art shows around the country has been a blessing and success beyond expectations, thanks to a supportive wife, family, friends, and clients who purchased my work.  The local galleries, stores, and shops that carry my art work have also grown in number and have made this art business the success that it is today.  Thank you my friends.

The journey to Disney World for the Festival Of The Masters was key to how things will unfold in our future.  We were received beyond anything we could possibly have expected and the adventure continues to grow with each and every day.  The job as a full time artist is a very busy one and there are few days I don't paint, matt, frame, or do the business of art, which also includes the bookkeeping, web design, social networking, and a host of other tools that make the business successful.

I committed to doing art shows a great deal as a teacher for 34 years, however, being involved on the level I am today is what I have been waiting patiently my entire life for and it is so much fun!  The different places and people we meet are just incredibly inspiring and we hope to do many more in 2014.  I have already begun filling up my calendar for the upcoming years show circuit and many are not even listed on my web site yet.

I hope to see you at the show I am doing at the Sandler Center for the Performing Arts  January 6 thru March 6.  Opening night is Wednesday, Janurary 22nd at 6PM-7:30PM.

Painting on location at Disney World was an artists dream come true.

Painting on location at Disney World was an artists dream come true.