The following artists have provided tremendous support and inspiration for my paintings.  I have found that in today's world, none of us can do it alone and collaborating with my fellow artists provides tremendous feedback for growth and development as an artist.  Thank you all so much for your support and dedication!

Ari Hodosh (iheartwaves)


Alex Verharst


Shaun Smith


Steven Wilson Smith

Eddie Compo, The

The Tar Roof Gallery, Pungo, VA Bch., VA, info. at

Stuart Gibson, an amazing photographer from Tasmania

Images inspired by Betsy, Betsy Bersing Almeda

Virginia Beach, Virginia, Inspired Images by Betsy,

Sean Davey Fine Art and Photography, Hawaii

Mickey McCarthy, Outer Banks, NC

John Wright, Virginia Beach, VA

Richard Brady Photography, Panama, Central America

Richy Arosemena, Los Santos, Panama

Paul Stevens,

Jeffrey Diener

208 East Main Street, Norfolk, VA 23510

Photographer and great resource for high quality giclees

John Streit Photography, Sandbridge, Va. Bch., VA