Reflecting on the 2014 Boardwalk Art show

Reflections on the MOCA Boardwalk show: "Sometimes you get the bear and sometimes the bear gets you". This time he got me. Sales were definitely down for me and I did not make booth. Not even close. I will of course do the show every year considering how much talent there is from all the applicants. It is truly an honor just to get into this show, show sales are not the main reason for doing it. I personally will do this show every year because I live here and support the local MOCA arts scene. I was very proud of some of my fellow artists who won awards too! They threw a terrific party on Saturday with great food catered by Steinhiblers restaurant which is top notch and then some! The coordination and effort that goes into this show is fantastic. Last year I lost my tent to some bizarre straight line winds and did not even set up Friday after Thursday's total wipe out in the wind tunnel on 25th street. Saturday and Sunday last year I exceeded making booth and made a hefty profit. This year not so much. This year I purchased the water barrels which I would highly recommend and got a booth in the center of the block. Try to avoid the end streets! Doing the Boardwalk show is an annual badge of honor and I was proud to be a part of it. I have found that often times its not at all about the sales for some shows, but rather the cause, whether it's for the Edmarc foundation in Portsmouth, The Hope House Foundation in Norfolk at Stockley Gardens, or shows like the boardwalk. Met some terrific future clients and artists and as always, had a profoundly wonderful time in my home town. Thank you for having me. My cup is half full and I am pleased to be a part of such a rewarding experience hosted by MOCA!