Art show preps for 2015


Searched all over the place for a decent, affordable and lightweight floor system and these guys are the ticket.  When you consider a floor for your display, and you definitely should, you will need to have one type for the hard surfaces and another solution for the rough terrain kind of surfaces like grass, sand, etc.  I went with a lightweight foam instead of rubber which is extremely heavy and a lot more expensive.  Time is everything so search for a product that you can easily set up, yet have it light enough that you can manage it.  They have pretty much everything you need for your displays from easels, tables, signs, etc.

Getting ready for the 2015 art show season and things are moving very fast!  You have to really stay on it to apply for all the upcoming shows in advance.  If you don't subscribe to sunshine artists, you should. They are a tremendous resource at a very affordable price.

Several of you have asked me where to get your art work photographed and printed into a "giclee" format and my man Jeff Diener is the go to guy for that purpose!  I just had him shoot one of my pieces and he was insanely meticulous about it and the end product was perfect in every way.  He's easy to work with and surprisingly easy on the wallet!  You can reach him at: