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Post Edward A. Obermeyer

Aboriginal Modernist Painter

Artist’s Statement


My acrylic paintings reflect my deep passion for all things ocean related, and the wonderful world of gardens and gardening.  After sailing and surfing around the world, I return with newfound enthusiasm and create my complex pattern paintings of those experiences.


When asked to describe my style of painting, I often paint a word picture for my clients and tell them that if Vincent Van Gogh were reincarnated as an Aborigine from Australia, was a surfer, and a pinstripe artist, that would be me. A black gesso base coat forms the framework for the patterns that are developed with stripers, daggers, and swirlers, and a host of other custom brush tools.  Through years of diligent practice, I have developed my own signature patterns where I create works of art using dark color patterns that develop into the lighter patterns at the end of each piece.